So of we go on our family journey as we do just after a thunderstorm ! When we see a kitten in the road , everyone’s passing it, going over or round it.  No one knows.. is it alive !? Is it dead !? So we stop , dad gets out and has a look. He picks the kitten up its hardly moving. It’s alive ! Meowing. . Wet. Dirty. Scared. So I wrap it up wipe him down and we take him home. (Yes we checked him he is a boy). We get him food , litter box, bed everything he needs. Our next decision is , do we keep him? His only 3 weeks old , we wont just let him go but maybe we can find a home for him. We have a 2 year old dog so will they get along ? Will she
get jealous ? We let our dog sniff the cat , get used to him. Believe it or not our dog is scared ! Im sure after time she will get used to the little guy. So we decide to keep him ! His name is Noah.


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