Long Distance Relationships

Miles apart. Hardly see each other. Can you really have a long distance relationship ? Can it work ? How hard must it be to miss someone everyday and not be able to hug them , kiss them not even seeing there face ! For those out there that can do it, bravo. I don’t think I could. I would be constantly over thinking! I would be missing them like hell and I would feel so alone. But I guess if you’re in love it don’t matter , right ? I’m not too sure.. There is a limit on everything and I just think this is one of those things.


One thought on “Long Distance Relationships

  1. OMG I feel you!!! I’m in a crazy relationship like that now except we are in the same city, he just works a lot. That’s just as bad as a long distance relationship and my mind does wonder and I do feel very alone. Especially on an event like your birthday and you have to celebrate it by yourself. I almost feel pathetic in thinking maybe things will change, but it doesn’t seem like it’s going to…smh.

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