I was against tinder at first .. but one boring day I thought .. why not ! Let’s have a laugh. So I downloaded it , signed up and started swiping.  What I found was interesting really, firstly suprised that I got so many matches haha. Generally suprised that so many people use tinder.  We all no that it’s about the looks, nothing more. So its basically about sex. Well at least all the guys I  liked that’s all they were interested in. So of I went .. swiping away ,mainly to the left but a few lucky ones to the right ;). Before I knew it I got a message ! I panicked .. I didn’t really expect this.. only done it for a laugh. But I replied , basic conversation,  then another pops up .. and another and so on.
You get the ones that have a basic conversation with you and that’s it never speak again.
Then there is the ones that just start talking about sex ! Which is very awkward when you don’t no how to reply.
The other ones play it all nice  , get your WhatsApp start talking to you being friendly and fun but cheeky and the same time .. slowly easing into the sex talk.
Don’t forget the ones that want to ‘marry you’ because you have a British passport. (No lie )
The worse bit is when they ask to meet you. Great ! They expect me to come and have sex with them, inviting me to there house to stay .. I’m not all for that. So here I am, talking to these guys, trying to avoid meeting them as long as possible so I don’t have to have sex with them all ! How can you meet up with 5 different guys to go have sex with them … I don’t think so. I will go on a date with them but I have not been offered a date yet .. still waiting for my moment.
I guess you could meet some decent guys .. maybe. If you’re lucky haha. I think I will keep my tinders as friends.


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