Double Date

Now I have only ever been on one double date. My first and last ! It was awful. Now my friend set me up with her boyfriends friend. This boy they set me up with was .. let’s just say he was different. He was quite , shy , interested in basically everything I’m not. He wasn’t the best looking guy .. He just was not my type. I’m loud , outgoing .. Honestly a bit of a bitch. So you can see how this is going. Four people sitting in a restaurant eating in silence. I wanted to leave. The date still had cinema after.. I couldn’t do it. It was embarrassing ! I wanted to get out of there so bad. I was close to running off and disappearing. We ate and we sat in silence. Texting ! Thankfully my friends boyfriend put an end to it after I was literally begging to leave ! So I said my goodbyes , got in my car and left. Now maybe if they set me up with someone more my type it maybr wouldn’t have gone too wrong. I know next time I will not be going on any blind double date !


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