Love sucks. It’s not easy like everybody says . It’s complicated. When things get rough you have to fight through them not run away. Sometimes it’s hard , to be loved and to not love them back. Or to fall out of love as some say. I will never understand love. I was in love once. He was everything I wanted.  Tall. Funny. Handsome. Sweet. Caring. Loveable. Giving. Heart of gold. Understanding. Honest. Loyal. All those things you wish for in a guy , he had it all. He was my perfect match (so I thought). There I was thinking everything was fine and I was going to spend my life with him .. Honestly. One day he tells me he don’t love me no more. Talk about smack in the face. At the time it was so unexpected I remember walking home crying my eyes out. I cried myself to sleep for months. Sometimes even now when I think about it all it brings tears to my eyes.
Imagine loving someone so much that you see yourself with them in the future and they tell you they don’t love you. Ouch.
I tried to get him back but every time it didn’t work. We argued a lot then we made up. We would arrange to meet and it never happened. This went on for 2 years.  We still speak now but I no longer live in England.  He says he misses me and it would be hard to see me leave again but if he loved me or wanted me he should have tried harder.  If I was in his heart I would have stayed with him.
Do you think it’s too late  ? Will I ever be loved by him. Who knows. I just wish sometimes things were different.  I love him and I haven’t stopped. It’s hard trying to get in a new relationship when you’re so in love with someone else.


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