Over You

It’s great the day you realise you’re over that one guy you thought you never would get over.
The day he texts you and you think ‘what does he want’ rather than ‘omg he cares’.
That day came and my gosh it feels great.  I no he always got in the way of new relationships because I wanted him and I loved him. So how was I supposed to love someone new. I thought I would never get over him but I have.  Yes the memories are still there but it don’t hurt. It don’t hurt the way it used too. It feels good. It makes me so happy that I can talk to him without feeling any love or pain. I can even simply ignore him messages and not even care. I tryed so hard for him to love me and he couldn’t.  I was holding onto a dead cause.
I’m happy the day came I can move on and be in love with someone who will love me back and I’ve never been happier.


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