I’m attracted to the bad boys kinda guys. The chav style. Never the nice guys. Yea my boyfriends were not practically good looking but they weren’t bad. But there personalities were more bad than good.  I met this guy recently ,his 30 .. but he reminds me so much of England. So much of people I knew and loved. It’s awkward because I guess I miss It .. its hard to move on to another country and leave everything and everyone behind, the good and the bad. This guy makes me confused because it feels like ‘home’ and I don’t want that because I want to start fresh , here in my new home. It’s not easy .. and I’m attracted to this guy .. only because he reminds me so much of everything and I hate it. I’ve made my mistakes there and I don’t wanna continue them. I’ve always been told to break the chain… so that’s what I’m doing. Even if it means hurting people. So from now on its Mr nice guy for me.


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