Self harm

I don’t no a lot about self harming. I’ve seen people with the marks on there bodies and it’s sad. I had a friend who self harmed she told me the reason was because if she hurt someone she needed to hurt herself to feel better. It hit me when she said this. Everyone , everyday are hurting people, not on purpose maybe some on purpose and the majority of us feel bad. I for one have hurt people and I feel bad about it. I guess that’s how the feel but they act upon it. I’ve thought about it but never have done so. This generation has teenagers feeling suicidal some sadly go ahead and do it I’ve felt suicidal at some point of my life like I’m sure we all have. What I’ve noticed is that these so called attention seekers are just a reflection on how the majority of the world are feeling. The rest of us are just too scared to show it.


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