For the love of animals

So I have been living in Cyprus now for nearly a year. I have never seen so many stray dogs roaming the streets ! Cats being neglected.  How can people be so cruel. 
I love animals, all animals and fair enough if you do not like animals, but to treat them in such disgusting way is horrible ! It’s horrible to see and watch.  I have worked in a shelter for a while and the stories I hear and the things I see. It’s awful !
These animals are so innocent and they get abused. Boxed up.  Thrown on the motor way. Kicked out the car. Tied up and left to starve.
There are some good people out there who open shelters and care for these animals, but there is only so much people can do. To top it all off the government decided to close down these shelters ! They don’t want to pay for them! It’s a disgrace. Dogs can not fend for themselves.
I hate seeing dead animals on the side of the road. Seeing dogs roaming around skinny , diseased, sad, just looking for love !
It breaks my heart to see how cruel people can be and people Continue to misuse these animals, breeding them to make money. Greed. Greed is an awful thing. 
I just wish more can be done. How I wish so bad.


One thought on “For the love of animals

  1. Whenever I travel abroad I’m overwhelmed by the animal suffering I see. It makes me want to smuggle them all home with me and give them the lives they deserve.


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