Life saver

I remember that night like it happened yesterday. 

I couldn’t drive home , an hours drive home , with tears in my eyes and ache in my heart. My body was numb. I was exhausted and I couldn’t get myself to move.

I spoke to God that night , asking him why he is causing me this pain. I no its not his fault, but I didn’t want it to be mine either. I sat in my car. Asking him why why why. All this time I was talking to God I was actually asking myself the questions. Deep down I had the answers. 

I was an hour drive away from home.  10 minutes into my journey. My eyes began to fog. Tears rolling down my face. My chest was tight. I couldn’t breathe. I pull over. I cry. I scream. I shout. I fall to pieces in the matter on seconds. I see it all so clearly , like I’m watching myself right now.

I hear a meowing. I get out the car and this small fluffy kitten runs towards me. I sit on the floor and I pet it. The more he meowed the more love I gave him. I sat there for ages giving all my love to this innocent creature. It just wanted to be loved for just a while. For them few minutes I felt good. The tears stopped flowing. The pain eased.  In that moment it was just me and this fluff ball.

I thank that kitten for making me see I still have love to give. 
I thank that kitten for drying my eyes and getting me home safe.
I thank that kitten for taking the pain away , for those few moments.


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