My fault

All I ever do is blame myself. I blame myself for everything that goes wrong in my life. I start to wonder if that’s where I am going wrong. I allow these people, these ‘friends’, ‘lovers’ to take advantage, because I believe that I am the wrong one. I am the one that has made them act this way, like they say, there is no smoke without fire. I am that fire. the flaming fire burning everything in my way. leaving me with smoke in my lungs and hate in my heart. I sit and reminisce how I got here ? How I became so bitter, I truly believe I have always been bitter, always had my guard up, of no fault but my own. it seems to always be the same. Once that wall comes down, I come crashing down. I can’t sit back and blame them, for I allowed them to treat me this way. you get what you deserve. I now believe i am truly getting what I deserve.


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