Hotel girl with a big dream

Start of a new season. New people. But same old shit.
I sit here and I have so many ideas, so many dreams and I don’t know how to make them true. I look around and wonder if anyone is truly happy with there life. Why can’t we change it ? Why can’t we do things to make us happy.
We are like hamsters on a wheel, going round and round and round…

I’m fed up of it. Doing the same as everyone else.  I want to be able to tell exciting stories when I’m old and for people to look up to me and want to do the same. I want to travel the world and see all the amazing places that exist. I want to meet new people, different cultures , different beliefs.  I want to be able to do good for the world.  I don’t want to be another spare part.

Where does one even start to accomplish these dreams?


One thought on “Hotel girl with a big dream

  1. When you get older you realise you were living a dream when dreaming of the future when young. Try and do exciting things, but also enjoy the everyday. Time puts everything in context, with every day a learning experience wherever you are, if you looking to learn, as you are. Some of the best and most famous writers spent most of the time, and gained their told stories, from the most banal and sometimes horrible; such as prison camps or slavery; places and situations. Good luck!…


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