Living in a bitter world

To become bitter may be the worse thing that can happen to a person. To be that broken down that nothing is ever sweet anymore.

I’ve become so bitter that I don’t even recognise myself anymore. I look at how people see me and how I have made them feel and I don’t know this person. I don’t know this girl who is ruining people’s lives. I don’t know this girl who hates it all. I’m trying to find the girl I used to be. The sweet, kind , caring girl, the girl that would be there for her friends no matter what. The girl who was always there to be a shoulder to cry on. The girl I used to be, the girl that’s lost and confused that she don’t know who she is anymore.

I look in the mirror and I hate my reflection, all I see is the devil inside me smiling back. Proud of what I have become.  It’s hard to fight, when you’ve become so consumed in such little time.  When you’ve poisoned so many people and not knowing how to fix it.

I’m fighting demons every day and I’m getting tired. Tired of fighting myself. Tired of looking and not seeing. Tired of all the bitterness I have.


2 thoughts on “Living in a bitter world

  1. ‘The worst kind of missing is missing the person who were”

    Hun, we all make mistakes. We all hurt people on the way but the great thing is that you DON’T want to. And that makes all the difference.

    There are some things you can fix, fix those and the rest, do not dwell on it. Move on.

    Letting go of bitterness is to love another person just like yourself.

    I hope this helps 🙂

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