Good heart

I’ve got to this stage where I’m starting to realise it isn’t my fault.

I done nothing wrong. I’ve been so nice and kind, just the way I used to be before. However people still treat you like shit.

I thought, I generally thought he was a good guy. An understanding guy. A guy that could hold my hand and pick me up, not a guy that drags you along for the ride. He’s an honest guy, maybe too honest but I will not complain about that.  

I’m starting to think I am wrong. I’m starting to think he is a better friend than a boyfriend. Or maybe I just don’t understand him, his way of acting. (Blaming myself again huh) so maybe I am wrong, for thinking more of him than he can give. 

I made a decision to be a better person and I will stick to that. Maybe I will be used and pushed around in the mean time but I’m sure eventually I will find someone. Someone who will return all the good. So I will wait patiently, I will be the kind good hearted person I wish to be to all and I will wait. 


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