Dealing differently 

I’m really not sure how I feel.  Confused I think.

My boyfriend told me last night why he has been ignoring me. His going through a lot at the moment, I know this. I know his stressed about a lot of things in his life.  So he tells me, when he has a problem or his upset, he dissappears. He stops talking to everyone and rums away from his problems. I get it, I get he wants to he alone but what I don’t get is he isn’t alone. He still is going out and meeting peoplet,  new people. So how is that being alone. I don’t think I’m going to ever understand. However I can accept it, I accept his way of dealing with things because I know I would probably do the same, and I would want his to accept me also. 

I’m just hoping it will get better with time. 


One thought on “Dealing differently 

  1. My boyfriend is the same. He won’t talk to me and say he can’t meet up cos he has lots to deal with but he’ll go out and Hang with friends. And drink with strangers. I don’t know. I suggest you keep talking to him until you understand. Don’t prod or accuse but let him know that u want to understand so that u can handle itbetter. Sometimes we say we accept things but we don’t really.


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