Summer loving 

It’s just a summer fling I guess. 

He will do his thing and I will do mine. My feelings for him get stronger everyday, but I am holding back,  well I am trying, trying to not get too attached. I am expecting it, come the end of the season and I will be single. 

Jobless and single. I am a sitting duck, waiting. 

I hope that I am wrong and I am pleasently surprised, but I am sure on this one. He has come into my life to appreciate it more. To show me to enjoy my life and not to think and worry so much. He came into my life to save me at a bad time. He has done his job, so now he will leave, right ? 

I am trying to figure out how this could work, but it always ends up the same. It wont. 

I am enjoying my summer loving and so is he. I just wish the summer would never end. 


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