Too many girls 

I could repeat myself always. The result is always the same. 

The problem he has is that he likes girls too much. Beautiful girls. All girls. 

I am with a guy who likes to admire the beauty of women. Which is very annoying, yes, but I have accepted that. 

He tells me how he would like to date a Russian lady because they are like models.

He stops operating when a beautiful lady passes him. 

He keeps pictures of other girls we work with on his phone because he likes the beauty. 

How does that make me feel ? Small. Worthless. Ugly. Like I am not good enough. Like I am there to pass to the time. That I do not even mean anything to him. 

So what is he doing ? Why be with someone when all you really want is to be with everyone else. I like him hell of a lot, I just wish he left me where he found me. I could deal with being his friend and him then leaving. Being my boyfriend and then leaving is much harder. The pain is much worse. I’ve already started to feel the pain, I have about 2 more months before he  leaves, but I’m already starting to pain. 


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