Greetings from the biggest fool ever

 I fucked up. Well I’m always fucking up but this time I fucked up big BIG time. 

I was so angry and pissed off that I needed to vent. I needed to let it out, to complain about what happened, to complain about the person…. 

Yes, I done it, I done the typical stupid texting mistake. I text the wrong person. Not just the wrong person but the person I was complaining about and to make it all worse, that person is my boss.  

Now we are sitting in complete awkward silence. Knowing we both know.

 The thing is, what I said wasn’t so bad, yes I agree I shouldn’t be talking about people behind their backs. There comes a point when you just get completely fed up of everything and everyone and you just need to vent. I should have vented to a different person in a different way. It’s too late, what is done is done and I have to deal with the next 3 weeks in complete cringe agony. 



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