Tight chest… deep breathing.  Sweating… confusion.  Watery eyes … my anxiety is playing up. 

I should be happy, happy that my boyfriend will stay here but I can’t help but feel scared and worried. I can’t pin point exactly what it is that is bothering me. I feel so overwhelmed. So useless. I’ve been even thinking of leaving him, but why ? I love him. He makes me happy. I feel like something is wrong.  As if something is being hid from me. 

I think being apart from him isn’t helping, unable to see him the last week due to the lack of a car. Knowing he will be in Greece for 10 days and when he comes home I will be in UK for 2 weeks. 

We see eeach other daily, to not see him for such long time, it is starting to make me question my feelings and even his. Maybe he will realise he don’t miss me so much as he thought, maybe I won’t miss him as much as I thought. 

I am overthinking. over analysing.  I have so much running through my mind it isn’t even making any sense to me. A whole load of confusion. 


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