Different ways

I’ve come to the point where I  am desperate for help.  

I’m in love with a guy that I believe will never return the feelings. 

He is a 27 year old, care free, live in the moment guy. He takes everything as a joke. I never know when he is serious, if ever.  

The worse of it all is that I believe he don’t ever want to commit and settle down and that worries me. 

He don’t want to meet my parents.  To me that seems like he isn’t on planning on sticking around. He reminds me on how he is a ‘free spirit’ how he never will marry or have children. However he has said before that he would like children . Is he just playing. 

Am I wasting my time with a guy that don’t want and never will want the same future as me? 


One thought on “Different ways

  1. You’re not wasting your time. But take it for what it is….a lovely entanglement that will likely end. Don’t try to change him, just accept him for who he is and if he seems like he’s not a long-term option, don’t sweat it. It’s not the end of the world. Just move on. You’ll eventually find what you want. Have faith.

    Hearts & Hugs,


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