Happy ever after …

I always dreamed of finding my prince charming. Maybe I watched too many princess stories when I was younger. All ending with a happy ever after. 

It’s all a lie. There is no prince charming, no perfect man and definitely no happy ending. 

I remember when I was younger having this idea of a perfect guy in my mind, how we would meet, what he would look like, how he would act, even down to how he would hold me. During my dating years I have found no such man but when I look at every other girl it seems like they have exactly that. Everyone else seems to have their prince charming. 

I want a simple life, a simple relationship but all I do is get myself into such complicated messes.  I don’t want to feel any more pain. I have been the nice one, I have also been the mean one and they all end the same. I try to change myself for others but why ? I should find someone who is going to accept me the good and the bad, the days where I am the worse and the days I’m the best.  

I just have to be patient keep on waiting for ‘the one’ to come along, if they ever come. 


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