New year.. new goals

This year is all about self improvement. 

Okay I’m not the one to make new years resolutions. Never have. This year is different, it is not a resolution as such more like a project on myself. 

I have spent too long hiding. Being insecure. Feeling worthless. Feeling like everyone else is better than me in every way. It isn’t true. I am as equal. I have been too busy worrying about my past experiences that I haven’t been able to enjoy my future.  I put myself into a box and I punished myself for things that I couldn’t control. 

So here and now I decide to start fresh. Be that carefree fun confident girl that I have always wanted to be, I knew I was getting better but over the years I got progressively worse. Now it’s time to get out my comfort zone, control my emotions and show the world who is boss. I am. I will rule my world. I will allow good things to come to me. I will grow. 


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