Never forget your value 

Tonight I met a man. Okay a very drunk man. But what he said to me stuck 

‘Never forget your value’ 

He was right.  I shouldn’t. But I do.. I always do.  Tonight just proved that. I noticed everytime I have a good time something always dampens the mood. 

Yesterday I had so much fun with my boyfriend, we spent the whole day together but then it got ruined. It was ruined by something so simple but it hurt me. Maybe it was silly of me to feel hurt but I did. He simply deleted our photos, not all of them but some. He deleted them but he kept photos of his ex. He kept photos of a past memory.. but our memories ? They don’t matter? 

Tonight was another blow. This one I believe is not petty. He was drunk. He was dancing. He was dancing with other girls.. close. Holding them. While I sat and watched. Nice. I don’t have a problem with him dancing. I have a problem with the way he was dancing with them. The whole night I was accompanied  by a new friend we made. When my boyfriend finally decided to join us .. he made a decision for me and moved my hand onto this guys knee. When I tried to remove my hand, my boyfriend told me no. How am I supposed to react to this ? I tell you how it makes me feel. It looks like he is throwing me onto this guy. Take her,take her. Thanks. 

That night I forgot my value. I am worth more than that. I believe I deserve better than that behaviour. Yet here I am .. excusing the mistakes and mishaps. Forgetting my value..


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