It is weird how I am allowing strangers basically to be inside my head. For me this is like a diary, where I let go of everything in my head. To just give myself some sanity. Here I am allowing whoever wants to read it. I can’t even talk to my mum about how I feel. I can’t even tell my boyfriend that I’m in love with him. Yet here I am sharing all the tiny details with strangers.

I envy those people that can express themselves so simply. How I wish I was able to do so, how many things would be so much easier. Yet I seem to complicate everything. 


2 thoughts on “Diary 

  1. I’m exactly the same. The things I write here are things I don’t even tell my best friend. I was thinking this morning the if someone I work with came across my diary they’d never suspect it was me… That’s how little I let out about myself in the real world. It’s strange how easy it is to tell everyone here. I also wish it was easier for me to express myself to my people. I don’t know. I’ve built too many walls. But ya… I get you

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