A Rose Between Two Thorns

A Rose Between Two Thorns

I heard this expression before; I was around 14 I think and it was aimed towards my brother. At the time I didn’t understand it, I didn’t get how difficult it could be.

Now I get it. I understand to the max.

I am the Rose.. and the two thorns are the two guys, I am stuck in the middle of them, not knowing which one to choose, which one is better for me. Which one I have future with.

So far it is not looking good, so far I am digging myself a grave. I will bury myself alive and its only me to blame. I know that both of them are a lost cause but here I am, doing what I do best. Shooting myself in the foot.

Why, dear God why is nothing easy. Why do I go and make things so complicated. What is wrong with me. I am broken and I need to find a way to fix myself.


Before I damage those around me.



I am powerful.

I am strong.

Today I realised my self worth. I can’t tell you exactly what it was that made me realise, but its like it hit me, it hit from out of nowhere.

I dated a guy for 18months and not once did he tell me he loved me, I dated him right up until the moment he walked away. Forget the reasons why, they are not important. You got up and you walked and you left me to pick up all the pieces. We were not a team, from day one we were not a team.

For 2 months I have had a fuck buddy. I am a booty call, a quick fuck. At first it’s, what ? Exciting I guess, different, something I have never done before or even consider, up until now. Up unitil I completely gave up, not only on men but also on me. As if I wasn’t worth anything more than just sex.

No. I have had enough .I am worth more. I have a lot to offer, hell I don’t care. I know I have a lot to offer, I am the best fucking thing you called have. Yes I have my flaws, we are humans, we make mistakes, we fix them, we move on to making more mistakes. I am not perfect, neither are you. No person on this earth is perfect. But I am worth more than what I am getting. No, it is not their fault. It is mine. I have allowed my self to think all these years that I am not worthy, today I realised I am.

I will stand tall, I will be nothing less than myself and I will show every single one of you what I am worth. I will no longer me treated like a doormat, I will no longer expect second best, I will not accept to be a dirty sex secret.


I am worthy.


Your way

I didn’t think it was possible for my heart to break even more. 

You proved me otherwise tonight. I made a decision yesterday that enough was enough, I told him that I can no longer be his friend, that I am struggling. Today I apologised and wished him well. Truth is I can’t let you go, it’s not the simple. 

We FaceTimed and spoke, he isn’t good also, he is stressed, he is destroying himself slowly. I felt awful, I felt awful cos I gave him such a hard time and he don’t need that. He don’t need me to be giving him extra stress. So now I made a decision. I will leave him alone. I will not shout or argue. I will allow him to have his way. I will, as always,sacrifice myself, for him. I will move on while I still hold onto his hand. Maybe what I am saying is crazy but I know I can’t do anything else. We will never be together, I understood that tonight after he told me he will never come back. He made it clear. 

So.. if you want to be friends. Fine. Let’s be friends. Believe me I can be the bestest friend you ever had. 

Falling apart 

It is amazing how just hearing your voice makes my heart stop beating. Seeing your face makes it start breaking. 

You can not imagine how much I hold back my tears while we talk. The moment we hang up that phone, I break down. 

Completely break down. 

The ache in my chest multiplies and all them tears I held back just gush out. The worst part is I can’t make it stop. Nothing I do makes it stop. I am mean to you,  not because I want to be but because I have to be. I don’t want to love you anymore, to see the light shine from you as if you were Gods gift. I don’t want to look at you in that way. I want to hate you for leaving me like this but yet I don’t. I don’t want to hate you, I want to remember all the times we spent together and be happy, and when I do it all comes back to you leaving, the pain I feel is ten times more than the happiness I felt when we were together. 

I see him trying to make me laugh and be happy but It don’t work, I wonder if he sees that. I wonder if he realises I am not okay. That I am struggling each and every day to get myself out of my bed and be constructive. I wonder if he misses me the way I do, thing is everything here reminds me of you. 

I’m lost and I’m alone. I’m giving up on everything and everyone. I don’t like who I’m becoming. I’ve become to weak to even change it. 

The signs are back 

Its all making sense to me now. Someone is screaming at me DON’T DO IT 

The universe’s is giving me signs. Telling me you’re not ready. That it’s not the right time. 

Now I could ignore them signs like I always do..  or I could embrace them. Follow them until I get another one. 

You see I went on a date the other day which proved I wasn’t ready however i still went ahead and planned another. This guy however bailed on me. He cancelled on me. There we go, the sign to just stop. To not even bother. 

Well maybe that’s how I want to read it but still. I’m done. I’m done with trying. I’m done with pretending. I’m just done. 


Stop. Stop. Stop. STOP. 

Enough. I can’t feel like this anymore. I cry myself to sleep. I wake up in the middle of the night, crying ! Enough is enough. I have a emptiness in my chest. An ache. A real physical breaking. Enough. 

I want to be happy. Not miserable. I don’t want to think about you, in any way. I just want peace. How do I make it all Stop!?! 

Time out 

I feel the days are running away from me. The time is skipping by and I can’t keep up. I’m juggling so many things and I keep dropping the ball. 

My motivation has gone I have zero energy. Zero motivation. I don’t even want to move from my bed most mornings. Every little thing is irritating me and I can’t seem to really know exactly what it is. 

I’m fed up with the world, with this life. But who am I to complain. I’m healthy, I’m loved and I am safe. Yet I feel like I have the worse life to exist. Feeling sorry for myself all the time. How dare I. I have no right to feel this way, I have no real serious problems , right ? So why do I, why do I feel like this.