How do you know 

I’ve been in a  few relationships and none have really lasted that long. The guys I have dated have been all very different. In looks, personality, even the feelings. 

I believe we love in many different ways. The obsessive love, friendship love, sexual love, but I believe there is only one true pure love. That one love that consists of all the other loves which makes it so special, and strong. 

I can say I have been in all types of love. If I compare my feelings for each guy I had a relationship with, I see the difference in all of them. I also see that they didn’t really mean that much either. 

How do you really know when you found the one? I don’t think you ever do. I don’t think we know much at all about love. Our world is so scared to express ourselves that we end up damaging one another. 

I’ve been in a relationship with a guy for 10monhs. That has been my longest relationship. Yet neither of us have dropped the ‘L’ word. I’m starting to wonder if the love even is there at all. I’m not even sure how love is supposed to feel. At one point in our relationship I felt I was on cloud 9 but lately that feeling hasn’t been there. Some days it reappears.

I love, love. Love conquers all. All I ever want in life is to be loved.  Truly loved. 

My heart is yours 

My current boyfriend is honestly a good guy, a great friend. When he leaves I don’t know if we will continue to be just friends. Is that really what I want, to be friends with the guy I am in love with , the guy that I want to spend my life with, to see and hear about other girls.  I would be happy for him of course, I wish him all the happiness in the world cos he truly deserves it and honestly I have never felt this way towards someone before, I would rather him be happy with someone else than unhappy with me. For once I truly mean it. It would make me happy to just see him happy. 

100% Happy

What more can I ask for. This ‘summer fling’ is turning into love. 

I know ! It’s crazy. I have truly never felt like this before. It’s a feeling that I can’t explain. It’s ny body and mind doing crazy things to me. When I am with him, I can feel my heart beating all around my body. I just want to smile constantly. When I look at him, my breath is taken away. Even when I just think about him my world is spinning. I can’t explain it. It’s the strangest feeling I have ever felt. 

However, I can not tell him. I dont’t know how, I don’t know if there is any reason to tell him I am falling in love with him? How do you explain something like that ? Where do you even start ? 

I have doubted his feelings for a very long time, but now I know. I know he likes me .. yes like. I want him to love me, of course, but if he don’t, I am okay with that. As long as I am who he wants to be with. For how long ? I don’t know.

Full moon. Palm trees. The waves splashing. Sand in his feet. Holding onto me. Staring into my eyes. He looked around him, looked at me and said with a smile and a nod 

‘yes, I am 100% happy’ 

100% happy. The words are ringing in my head since. I remember feeling the strange sensation all over my body. Like I was on fire. I felt my heart like it was going to just explode. At that point I wanted to say one thing and one thing only. I am falling in love with you. 

But no words came out. I was frozen in that spot with a huge smile on my face saying in my head over and over I love you so much it is crazy