Close your eyes


Stop what you are doing and just close your eyes.

Do you hear that?

That’s your breath, feeling your chest rise and fall. Air entering your lungs. Slowly feeling your body relax.

We are alive.

All of us.

We are one. We all breathe, we all think, we all feel. We are all the same.

not looks wise, or personality wise. We don’t even have the same opinions or thoughts, but we are the same. We are all one mind, one body, one soul.


Why don’t we help one another, be kind to one another, love one another. Pick each other up, see the pain others feel, Sympathise.

We pass thousands of people everyday and we don’t even look. We don’t want to, we are all too consumed with ourselves that we don’t want to see the suffering of others, only ourselves.

But ! Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could help each other out, hold each others hands and live in harmony. Picking not only ourselves up but others also.

How wonderful our world would be if we truly were one.


Good heart

I’ve got to this stage where I’m starting to realise it isn’t my fault.

I done nothing wrong. I’ve been so nice and kind, just the way I used to be before. However people still treat you like shit.

I thought, I generally thought he was a good guy. An understanding guy. A guy that could hold my hand and pick me up, not a guy that drags you along for the ride. He’s an honest guy, maybe too honest but I will not complain about that.  

I’m starting to think I am wrong. I’m starting to think he is a better friend than a boyfriend. Or maybe I just don’t understand him, his way of acting. (Blaming myself again huh) so maybe I am wrong, for thinking more of him than he can give. 

I made a decision to be a better person and I will stick to that. Maybe I will be used and pushed around in the mean time but I’m sure eventually I will find someone. Someone who will return all the good. So I will wait patiently, I will be the kind good hearted person I wish to be to all and I will wait.