Work work work work work 

Working with females is hard. I am a 21 year old female, working with 3 females and 1 male. Now they are mature women, but they act like children. 

The worst has to be the ‘manager’ she is clueless. In which world should a manager be bitching about the staff. In which world should a manager do absolutley nothing. She sits around talking all day. She is rude to clients as well as us. She has no people skills. She has no management skills. 

I am surrounded by negative people all day long. Bringing down my mood. I can not even escape. I hold my tongue everyday not to say anything. I feel myself ready to explode. 


Another lump in the road

You always want your partners parents to like you right? It’s important.  You don’t want them to make yu feel uncomfortable or make your partner doubt you. It’s horrible. I’ve experienced it. I’ve never had a problem with parents. They seem to like me and maybe if they didn’t they wouldn’t say. Or make it obvious as such. 

Now my boyfriends parents do not speak English.  So it’s hard to communicate with them. But they still sit him down to tell him they don’t think I love him !?! That’s not fair. That I am using him. How can they say these things. He tells me that don’t understand me because we can not communicate so that’s why. But that’s not fair.

I think parents need know when it’s there time to place judgement. He tells me they are worried for him. How can they say this when they can not speak to me. I understand they want to protect there child … but to make such a wrong judgment on someone is totally inappropriate.