We are powerful. More powerful than we imagine. Our thoughts define us. They seep out into the universe and attract what we want, what we need. Our energies flow within us and others. Connecting us all.



I am so angry.

I am a very understanding person. I trust easily, I give so many chances and yet I feel that people just continue to take advantage.

So , the story begins.

Lets go back about a month ago, a new girl started working with my boyfriend and he befriended her. They would go for walks, or the beach, after work to chill out. Somewhere along the way someone obviously saw them together, put two and two together and made three.

The girl got fired and is now working in the same hotel as I am. One other colleague asked him about this girl and how she is, she made a reference about them being more than just friends! Now my boyfriend was telling me this over the phone. I was so mad with him, I was mad with him because he made people believe that he would do such a thing to me, he made people believe that I am a fool. I understand the world is full of gossip, however I will not accept being made a fool of, by anyone, no matter how big or small.

I started to wonder if he done anything to make people actually say this thing. How dare they, how dare he. When I tried to explain to him why I was mad, he dismissed me, to say that these people are insignificant, and yes, they are, but it makes no difference to how i feel about the situation.

I shouldn’t be mad at him I know this, but I can’t help but believe it is his fault.

What do you guys think? Am I over-reacting?



It is weird how I am allowing strangers basically to be inside my head. For me this is like a diary, where I let go of everything in my head. To just give myself some sanity. Here I am allowing whoever wants to read it. I can’t even talk to my mum about how I feel. I can’t even tell my boyfriend that I’m in love with him. Yet here I am sharing all the tiny details with strangers.

I envy those people that can express themselves so simply. How I wish I was able to do so, how many things would be so much easier. Yet I seem to complicate everything.